Hi, I'm Ayush Bajpai

Yeah, That's me!

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What I Do

I am Web Developer with interests in Electronics, Graphic Designing, Photography and Writing.

About me

Name: Ayush Bajpai
Email: ayush10055@gmail.com

Age: 20
Location: Chennai|Lucknow

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    Tools I Use
    Interpersonal Skills
  • : Team Management |
  • Creative Writing |
  • Problem Solving |
  • Photography |
  • Motivational Speaking

Some of my past projects

Github OctoProfile

A graphical and visual representation of all my github repos and other related data.

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React Movie Database

Built using React and omdb API, this movie database shows details of all movies available on IMDb.

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The Six Pm Show

Formed in Febuary 2020 with me and two other people as co-founders is now a team of total 20 people.

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